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Viola Barbaresco 4/4

Our violas are built on the same principle as the violins, i.e. individually handmade by one of the craftsmen, thus assuring the quality and fine-tuning so to say, by Pierre Causse in Paris.

The instruments have shown to express a rounder sound than other violas in this price segment and are developing into an openness as they grow together with the owner. On the pictures below you see a 41,9 cm (16,5”) specimen with beautiful varnish.

The shine has been taken out of the pictures for better assessment, however, the wood itself is not photo-shopped in any way. There are other Barbaresci available with slightly different color and completion, and they sell at 5,000 Euro. Let us have a “viola-chat” – then see how we can assist best.

Violin Barolo 4/4

This is the violin our nephew in Paris plays. The high quality Maple wood used for the back combined with the Spruce in the front, gives off a clear, smooth and load sound. The workmanship is of high quality and all instruments that we distribute is individually picked out together with Mr. Zhong, silver medal winner for tone, at the 2010 VSA Competition. Including the upgrade and finishing that takes place in Paris, the Barolo sells at EUR 4,500, while the estimated value for a European handmade instrument of the same quality, would be at least the double, according to feedback we have received from teachers, violinists and our French Luthier. Case and bow is included.

The instrument pictured here is golden brown, we do however normally have several specimens that differ in finish, color and tone.